Hex Of The Day – Nordgeist

I have no recollection of how I arrived at Nordwinter, the split with Russian black metal band Nordgeist and Norwegian black metal band Vinterkult. Though it was likely I was drawn in by the perfectly freezing, perfectly northern atmosphere the cover art exudes. I do, remember however, that when Norgeist’s track Voron started I had to put down my cup of tea.

I said to myself, ‘hold on Katie, just hold the fuck on. You haven’t been giving this the attention it deserves. Back up.’ So I started the track again and sat, for the full 17:06 running time, absorbed to the point that my tea went cold. On the subject of cold, this track is blisteringly so, with absurdly powerful screams which, like third-degree frostbite, penetrate deep and are nigh on impossible to stop thinking about. (I used Google translate to get my head around the Russian lyrics. They’re profound by the way, look them up.)

Voron is a meticulously crafted, strikingly vast, bitterly bleak song which is also one of the most satisfying listens I’ve had in ages. Listening to Voron – which is lyrically about a raven – became something of an addition. I felt as I feel with the far north itself – compelled to keep returning.

In Siberia there’s a city called Bratsk, and it’s from here where the mystifying T, the sole instrumentalist and vocalist behind Nordgeist hails. In an excellent interview with Blutrache Magazine (I’ll link it below) T had this to say about her music:

“The origin of the music and the atmosphere I want to bring across is the beautiful and at the same time life denying nature of the extremely cold north.

T (Interviewed in Blutrache Magazine)

Nordgeist’s debut full-length Frostwinter is released on the 23rd of April via Kunsthall Produktionen and I’m looking at getting the vinyl, which is fucking spectacular. The first track of Nordwinter is also astoundingly good. Be sure to give that a listen too.


Journey On

Nordgist Facebook

Nordgeist Interview


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