Hex of the Day – Verjnuarmu

Hello Folks,

My hex of the day choice is from a band called Verjnuarmu. They are from Kuopio, Pohjois-Savo which is in Eastern Finland. The band is self described as “Savo Metal” referring to a particular dialect in their area. The band has stated that it is rare to hear the dialect sung in music so they are a unique experience in that way. Music wise the track Kalaman Kalapee is a ripper of a track. Its more death metal or melodic metal. Straight forward. However, the album is more diverse in its sound. Glittering piano and synth, varying vocals, great melodic guitars and pummeling drums. It’s hard to translate their lyrics because of the dialect, some comes through enough to get a picture but for the most part it’s not accurate. They do revolve around the plague, war, struggle from what I was able to gather. Muanpiällinen Helevetti which the track I chose Kalaman Kalapee from is amongst one of my favorite albums they have produced. It’s dark, ferocious, yet with the clean vocals time to time, it’s a bit different then one would expect. It even has a folk horror feel to it in a way. I think that can be reinforced after watching their video for “Laalavat jouset” also from this album. Verjnuarmu captures a sort of haunting of old farmlands, forgotten barns, cabins and fields in ancient Finland. Ghostly apparitions of angry land spirits spit back up by soured soil and crops. Their music has historical references I believe or at least it points to a certain era. You can feel it through their music and ancient dialect. I was saddened to find out however they broke up following the death of their drummer. You can find their music on Spotify and Itunes. I’ll include the video for “Laalavat jouset” just because it sums up all left unsaid.

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