Hex Of The Day – Havukruunu

Three minutes fifty-seven seconds of epic (so epic, the word needed emboldening AND italicizing) pagan black metal for you here. 

Musta yö is taken from Finnish band Havukruunu’s 2015 independently released debut EP Rautaa ja Tulta. (Naturmach Productions* have since re-released it.)  

It’s ruthlessly raw, majestic (the fucking melodies, people.) and bold in its style. Staggeringly bold. The influence they reap from Bathory is fully detectable and very much welcomed.

I went to my old friend Google Translate to check out the lyrics and appreciated the following very much:

Only the eyes of night can see when the doors are locked. 

When the lights go out and only darkness remains. 

And loneliness haunts.  

Havukruunu (Musta yö)

The ‘And loneliness haunts’ line really got me.

If you’re fawning over the artwork (who isn’t, honestly?) I can tell you the creator is Heidi Kosenius, an artist Havukruunu have collaborated with several times. I recommend – if this is this first time you’ve encountered the band – to hasten over to their Bandcamp at swoon at the covers for their other releases too.)

*I was on their Bandcamp page, and it was one of those ‘Ah fuck. I know where my time is going for the foreseeable future.’

Note: I just thought I’d add that Havukrunnu means ‘Coniferous Crown.’

– Katie

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