Guest Hexlist – Phil Robinson, Curator Of Pohjoinen Pimeys

I’ve known Phil Robinson for a good while and have, ever since we first became friends on My Space back in the day, been in admiration of his relentlessly ominous work as a graphic designer and freelance artist within the black metal underground. He worked first off under the name Black Raven Design then Níðhöggr Studio.

Bands he’s worked with include Swedish project Isrike, UKBM bands Úlfarr, Ashes and Fyrdsman and German bands Urfeind and Bilskirnnir. I’ve been fortunate to work with Phil myself on several occasions, most recently for a logo for a project I’m embarking on called Darkest North.

While Níðhöggr Studio isn’t active today, Phil continues to contribute to the black metal scene (specifically, the Finnish black metal scene) in a massive, respect-worthy way. He curates Pohjoinen Pimeys (Northern Darkness), which, in Phil’s words, ‘exists for the sole purpose of supporting (and honouring) the Finnish black metal underground. The objective is simple… To unearth and cast forth the very best these vociferous northern hordes have to offer – permeating your news feed with nefarious cacophonies old and new, as well as the latest news, interviews and reviews.’

If you’re already a seasoned enthusiast of Finnish black metal or if you’re just beginning to appreciate the darkness surfacing from the land of more metal musicians per capita than any nation on Earth, the Pohjoinen Pimeys Facebook page is an excellent and reliable source to bookmark. 

Pohjoinen Pimeys also has a YouTube channel where you can find twenty-one extensive playlists of nought but, you guessed it, Finnish black fucking metal. Get thee there, after you’ve listened to Phil’s playlist.

– Katie

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