Hex Of The Day – Brutus

I have recently started a new round of therapy and have had to take myself back to some fucking uncomfortable times in my life. This past week has proved to be a difficult journey, and I’ve found myself troubled, impatient and angry. Not even sleep could offer refuge.

This morning, I did what I often do when I struggle to stay upright; I turned to Belgian post-rock band Brutus and their song War. It’s an astonishing song, though I’m primarily enamoured with the phenomenon that is drummer AND vocalist Stefanie Mannaerts. Her voice knows no bounds, and her drumming is freakishly accomplished. The guitar work is immeasurably good. It wrenches out my heart, then puts it back in place and caresses it. War is a harrowing and simultaneously cathartic track.

Our world, it’s gone
Did we ever grieve or cry? No

I came for help
Did you just really pull my hair?
Unleash your warmth

Unleash war
Your hate will always be my guide
Unleash your warmth

This time again
After all the tears we had
No more

Unleash your war
Your hate will always be my guide
This time again
After all the tears we had

Unleash your warmth

Brutus (War)

I don’t remember how War came into my life, and I’m not ordinarily a listener of post-rock. (I haven’t listened to the entirety of their album Nest on which War appears…I probably should.) But this track works to help me make my way through the maelstrom that’s currently my emotional state.

Combat Crochet commented on YouTube about War and said, “it’s like having your first kiss, and then getting brutally punched in the face about 50 times and then back to the kiss.” I don’t think I’ll uncover a better – or more vivid – description than this.

– Katie.

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