Hex of the Day – The Bridge City Sinners : Song of the Siren

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been on a short break from socials etc. but mostly because I needed to focus intently on other matters at hand which are stressful. However, I’ve realized this outlet and other creative things is the only way to drag the weight off my shoulders and change my focus to something more positive. So here we are. I have come across a playlist called “Murder folk” on Spotify that I have routinely been listening to lately, I’m a big fan of dark Americana, blue grass etc. as I’ve written before so Murder Folk sounded fucking awesome. As it played through some artists I’m aware of I came across the song “Song of the Siren” by The Bridge City Sinners taken from their 2019 Album “Here’s to the Devil”

The band is out of Portland, Oregon, which seems to be home to a handful of bands that have developed this punk, folk, bluegrass concoction. Another that comes to mind is The Builders and the Butchers also from Portland and I’m also a fan of. Something about The Bridge City Sinners does stand out though. For one, the themes are more Satan oriented. Libby Lux isn’t afraid to use her powerful vocals in a more ferocious growling, screeching, guttural way. Her performance perfectly adds a unique touch to the bands sound and illustrates the themes further. “Song of the Siren” has some passages that has backing vocals that sound like Black Metal grunts/growls which was unexpected. I really love the shouts, screams through out this release.

The Bridge City Sinners are described as “The Bridge City Sinners are a rowdy folksy mosaic of banjo, ukulele, saw, clarinet, guitar, upright bass, & boot stoppin’ fever from Portland, Oregon.” I couldn’t agree more. They have a wonderful mix of jazzy-post punk, folk that encompasses themes that are more in your face and the Siren that is their lead singer Libby has an incredible range for this style of music. Not to mention, the band as a whole are extremely talented, with great musicianship and style.

Check out their bandcamp here:


Here’s to the devil,



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