Hex Of The Day – Jirka Hájek Covering Leaves Of Yggdrasil

It’s been one of those days where no matter what music I’ve put on, it’s just rubbed me the wrong way. Even, Johnny Cash for fucks sake, even Johnny Cash. I mean, what the actual fuck? When you can’t listen to Cash, then you know shits bad.

I was almost ready to give up and not share anything with you today. But then I stumbled upon Jirka Hájek’s exquisite tagelharpa (a four-stringed bowed lyre from Estonia) cover of Myrkur’s Leaves of Yggdrasil, and I was like ‘ahh, this is what I needed.’ It’s so soothing I feel as though I’m floating for its four minutes running time. Hájek is a multi-instrumentalist from Czechia who creates music in a variety of genres. I strongly recommend you make your way to his Bandcamp page once you’re done listening to Leaves of Yggdrasil.

– Katie.


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