Hex Of The Day – Beyond Man

The Norwegian Black/Death project Beyond Man has had the internet on fire these past few days with their self-titled debut album. So I thought I ought to devote some time to it. I did just that this morning over at Black Metal Promotion, and fuck me, fuck me, what a BEAST of an album it turned out to be. 

I’ve listened through once, so I can’t go in-depth as yet, but what I experienced was relentlessly ferocious, different and soul gripping from start to end. I don’t think it’s too early to say this will be album of the year for a shit load of people.

The vocals on the third track, World Without End are compellingly delivered and diverse. The guitar work on the song, as well as the drums, are trance-inducing. The tracks Helel Ben Sahar and Art Beyond Man are something else. Hell, what am I saying? The whole album is something else. Listen to it, alright? Just fucking listen to it.

– Katie


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