Hex Of The Day – Bogwitch

The other day, I was at a loss of what to listen to and anxious to find something unfamiliar, remarkable and beguiling. So, I typed ‘Witch’ into the Bandcamp search bar, confident I’d uncover something that could satisfy. Then, I tapped ‘Music tagged with Witch,’ and scrolled through the bands until I found something that piqued my interest. 

That something happened to be the project Bogwitch from Denver, Colorado, with their immersive, addictive, gorgeously bizarre track She Stirs As Darkness Settles from their exceptional and off-beat album Seasons of Reckoning

I spent the following hours listening to their discography of ‘Dungeon synth of witches, the fog, and the mire.’ Bogwitch is creating dungeon synth as you’ve never heard it before. I don’t know much about this project, their social media doesn’t give much away, but I hope that’ll change soon and that more releases are forthcoming because I am, without doubt, under the spell of Bogwitch.  

– Katie   


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