Hex Of The Day – The Bastard Collective Cover Nick Cave & The Bad Seed’s The Weeping Song

It’s been a weird struggle of a day today. I’m getting sick to death of dealing with what feels like a stomach full of rocks, and my health anxiety is making the best attempt at kicking my arse. 

But I’ve been listening to The Bastard Collective’s cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s song The Weeping Song on repeat (since yesterday, actually), and it’s been diverting my attention away from it all for brief moments, which I’m so god damn appreciative of. 

The Bastard Collective is made up of an army of outrageously talented individuals – Roger Isaksen (Nexorum), Erlend Nybø (Cor Scorpii, Funeral), Espen Skartun, Tomas Myklebust (Fleetburner, Mistur, Kabaret Makaber), Thomas S. Øvstedal (Cor Scorpii), Ingvild V. Øvstedal and Erling Malm (Endolith, Articulus). 

I’ve been listening to a fair few covers recently, but while they’ve all had an impact on me, the effect The Bastard Collective have had with The Weeping Song is undoubtedly the most profound. 

The production is exceptional. Both the clean and screamed vocals are enthralling, packed with emotion and flawlessly delivered. Ingvild’s devastatingly beautiful contribution especially moved me. The guitar work is dynamic, invigorating and utterly gripping, and the drums masterfully handled. I’d kill to see this performed live. Dare I say it? Yes I do. I think it’s better that the original. I legitimately cannot wait to hear what comes next from this incomparable, extraordinary collective.  

– Katie


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