Hex Of The Day – Primordial

Just a quick fucking listen to this song post for you today, as my bed is screaming at me to crawl in it. I’ll detail in a future post about my infatuation with Primordial, how I came across them back in 2007 and why I think Alan Averill is one of the greatest vocalists and lyricists to have been spawned. What can I say? The man breathes out talent. 

No Grave Deep Enough is an emotion-packed powerhouse of a song on an emotion-packed powerhouse of an album. The vocals – both growled and clean – from 2:08 are the sort that penetrate your bones, never mind your head. And the lyrics, the LYRICS. If you haven’t heard this song before, here’s a taster:

O, Death where are your teeth

That gnaw on the bones of fabled men

O, Death where are your claws

That haul me from the grave

No Grave Deep Enough

I can never get enough of this track, nor Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand as a whole.

– Katie


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