Hex Of The Day – Justin Johnson

I’ve never felt an affinity for the blues. Back in days of yore, my guitar teacher tried for almost a year to get it into my head that the blues was everything, and that it was what I REALLY SHOULD want to be playing, NOT metal, DEFINITELY NOT metal. 

My teacher ate, drank, slept the blues and while his passion was a beautiful thing to witness, it never rubbed off on me. I think he got the picture because one day, he told my dad he had nothing else to teach me. I came away from those lessons only marginally better at playing the guitar. 

Anyway, I’ve kept a distance from blues for going on sixteen years, until I stumbled across Justin Johnson’s Dark Swamp Blues song Son Of A Witch. It’s indulgent, mellow and utterly absorbing. Also, the Dobro Duolian Resonator Guitar with the moons and stars on the plate…phwoar. I think I could probably be coaxed from my northerly realm to visit the bayous and swamps of the deep south after hearing this. 

– Katie


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