Hex Of The Day – Cave Mouth

The other day saw the release of the new Cave Mouth single The Woods Do Not Want Us Here. (For those of you who don’t know, Cave Mouth is mine and Meghan’s band.) The song started life with the lyric ‘we are in so deep, the birds have stopped singing.’ It took a twisty turny path to become about a couple staggering through some ancient woods, desperate to find their abducted newborn son before his kidnapper, a witch, uses his fat for her flying ointment. 

Cave Mouth

I’m really proud of how this song has manifested into something almost not of this world. Meghan is constantly shifting the boundaries regarding where our music can go, and I’m so in awe of her, and what’s she’s capable of conjuring up. I especially love the end of the song. I feel you get the impression that the couple is done for… You’ll understand what I mean you listen to it. 

– Katie


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