Hex Of The Day – Cave Mouth

I was supposed to write about Sólstafir’s song Fjara today. It’s a song I’ve only been able to start listening to again recently, after years of not being able to go near it. The other day I decided it was time I let it take up space in my heart again (well, it never really left, I just tried to not think about it being there.)

BUT I’m going to save it for another day BECAUSE Cave Mouth put out a new single today, and I need to share it with you because I’m P.R.O.U.D. Yeah, midsummer has passed, but we at Cave Mouth don’t play by the rules. I wrote the lyric ‘witches, witches it’s midsummer, cover yourselves in blood and flowers’ on midsummer day when I took the portrait we’ve used as the song art. But I wrote the rest of the song, recorded the vocals, and Meghan created the music yesterday. Like summer itself, the song is chaotic from start to end.

– Katie


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