Hex Of The Day – Sólstafir

Today I have been sore, scared and mostly silent. My mental health has been relatively stable recently, but my physical health – not so much. And soon, there’s a possibility I’ll find out what the fuck my body has been playing at for the past four months. And I’m terrified.  

So, today I turned to the song I was going to share the other day but didn’t – Sólstafir’s Fjara. I don’t remember when I first heard this, and it doesn’t matter. I haven’t been able to listen to it for ages, but I took it back recently because I want it in my life. And of course, it made absolute sense, when I’m feeling the way I do, to listen to a song which makes me feel all the feelings I can possibly feel in just over 7 minutes.

The video – one of the best in existence – reminds me how much I miss Iceland. I’ve always felt the lyrics. I know you know what I mean. NihilistWZ does for sure. On YouTube they said ‘I don’t understand a single word, but this is exactly how I feel.‘ Yes. Yes. All the yes.

However, I was curious, and so today I found an English translation, though whether or not it’s reliable I don’t know. But my favourite passage comes near the end of the song:

Bones rotting in the earth,

like your secrets

that you long kept from me.

But blood weighs more than silence.

Fjara, Sólstafir

If you’ve heard Fjara your favourite part is probably the same as my favourite part. From 5:02 – 5:42, though, in reality, the whole song is my favourite part because it’s a masterpiece. I bet you fucking melt into the vocals at the beginning, too, don’t you? I knew it. 



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