A Hex On Your Head is a dark music blog run by musician Meghan Wood and writer Katie Metcalfe, the women behind transatlantic dark folk/ritualistic ambient project Cave Mouth. The focus will be predominately on black metal, dark folk, folk and ambient music (though expect them to stray from time to time) as well as related podcasts and the like.

This space will be used for sharing the music and sounds inhabiting their skulls. You can expect to find ‘Hex Of The Day,’ where Meghan and Katie will share whatever they’re listening to on a daily basis, as well as reviews, interviews, live discussions, hexlists and features.

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Meghan started her journey into music with her project Crown of Asteria

Driven by a personal path of mysticism. Crown of Asteria’s style varies from primal atmospheres, black metal ambiance, ritualistic folk, to strumming acoustics . This project searches through nature and myth for a genuine connection to all that is hidden.

Meghan released Crown of Asteria’s demo Through the  Birch and Between the Lakes without  much expectation. Bandcamp soon picked up however and a tape was released by Tridroid Records. It sold out quickly. 

Through the Birch and Between the Lakes opened the door for Crown of Asteria to hone and craft a sound. A year or so later North was released which was an instrumental album and by some is considered a classic within the genre. Crown of Asteria later went on to work with and release albums with various labels both domestic and overseas.

Crown of Asteria has a prolific catalogue of splits, full lengths and collaborations. Full lengths that are notable include Karhun Vakat, Rauðskinna, Sol, Cycles, Arctic Fever (Collaboration with Katie Metcalfe a devastatingly powerful spoken word release themed around the thawing arctic) and most recently The Ire of a Bared Fang.  

Crown of Asteria has been featured on many radio stations, labels, blogs, magazines. Meghan has done interviews with Atmosfear Magazine, Dark City, Cvlt Nation, Indy Metal Vault, and many more.

Some other projects Meghan is associated with include Enon Chapel, Cave Mouth, Sun Through Eyelids, Andvari, Great Cold Emptiness, and upcoming project Golden Light. 

Inspiration musically stems from Borknagar, Windir, Moonsorrow, Taake, Darkthrone, Enslaved and Bathory to name a few. 

Meghan enjoys graveyard dirt and telling others to be quiet. Witty and dark British humor keep the 18th century ghost slowly taking over her entertained as she romanticizes moving into a cave with her dogs and cats. 


Katie is an English writer, poet, musician and the blogger behind Wyrd Words & Effigies and The Girl With Cold Hands.

She’s published several books and her latest, a collection of poetry from 2009-2019, is entitled My Heart Is A Forest. Her upcoming poetry book is called People Of The Sea Ice and is due for publication in August 2021.

One of the projects she’s most proud of is Arctic Fever, a spoken word album made in collaboration with Crown of Asteria. Centered around the thawing of the Arctic, Arctic Fever portrays how climate change is impacting the peoples, flora and fauna of the far north.

Katie’s writing is is dedicated to the North and winter, wilderness and wyrdness. Poet Bob Beagrie said: ‘The North in her work is much more than a geographic location.’

In 2019 Katie ventured into songwriting and singing. Her first song, Cave Mouth was composed one night while in a deep depression following a stint in hospital. She sent the song to Meghan the following day and the seed for the band Cave Mouth was sown. Since their launch in early 2019, Cave Mouth have released two albums – Hex (Akashic Envoy Records) and The Dark Has Teeth (Non Posse Mori Records) and one self-released EP entitled Samhain. Their third album is due for release by Non Posse Mori Records in October 2021.

Katie’s musical influences are far ranging and include Windir, Silencer, Arckanum, Fever Ray, Tanya Tagaq, Björk, Darkthrone, Burzum, Primordial, Leidungr, Kalmankantaja, Garmarna, Hexentanz, Aghast, Slegest, Forndom, Paysage d’Hiver, Wardruna, Wyrd, Crown Of Asteria, Mortiis, Draugurinn, Walknut, Summoning, Niundi, Tenhi, Paleowolf and Grift.

Katie is proud of her 41.9% Scandinavian ancestry and most people think she’s a bit too wyrd. (She likes it that way.) Katie is based in the North of England, but the Nordic lands hold claim to her heart. She hopes to be settled in Norway before next winter sets in so she can write a book about it.