Hex Of The Day – Jon Henrik Fjällgren

When I log into YouTube, there's (almost) always an array of eclectic wonders awaiting me. My taste, you see, is exceptionally varied, and while I'll always heed the call of black metal, I also, as it happens, very much enjoy joik, a traditional form of song in Sámi music. While the track I'm sharing today isn't… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Jon Henrik Fjällgren

Hex Of The Day – Occult

Six years ago, I interviewed an ambient folk duo from Sweden called Occult. I had an obsession with their debut demo Skogen and the track Skogen. It’s offbeat and beguiling. The vocals had a particularly profound effect on me and often came into my mind, despite having heard the track for the first time in 2014. (Listen, and you’ll… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Occult

Hex of the Day- Shake off Your Flesh The Huntress and Holder of Hands

I recently went up north for a day trip with my dog Kricket the blue eyed wild child of woods. Escaping into the primitive nothingness for a day was rejuvenating and is always a source of inspiration. I didn't plan much except throwing my backpack in the vehicle along with a tall black coffee and… Continue reading Hex of the Day- Shake off Your Flesh The Huntress and Holder of Hands

Hex Of The Day – Garmarna

It has been a maddening day, and it's been hard to pay attention to anything, predominantly because I suspect I may have food poisoning but also because I've had about five hours of sleep in the past two days, so I'm a cranky hag.  Anyway, I thought I'd retreat to the world of Swedish folk… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Garmarna

Guest Hexlist-Kaylee Keesler Artist and Local Resident Witch

Kaylee is a local friend that I’ve known for a handful of years now. I’ve watched her blossom into a graphic designer who focuses on the connections between witchcraft, feminism and human rights/equality. The goddess aspect is a focal point of hers as is her personal connection to her own brand of witchcraft. She however… Continue reading Guest Hexlist-Kaylee Keesler Artist and Local Resident Witch

Guest Hexlist – Phil Robinson, Curator Of Pohjoinen Pimeys

I've known Phil Robinson for a good while and have, ever since we first became friends on My Space back in the day, been in admiration of his relentlessly ominous work as a graphic designer and freelance artist within the black metal underground. He worked first off under the name Black Raven Design then Níðhöggr… Continue reading Guest Hexlist – Phil Robinson, Curator Of Pohjoinen Pimeys

Hex Of The Day – Brutus

I have recently started a new round of therapy and have had to take myself back to some fucking uncomfortable times in my life. This past week has proved to be a difficult journey, and I've found myself troubled, impatient and angry. Not even sleep could offer refuge. This morning, I did what I often… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Brutus

Hex Of The Day – Havukruunu

Three minutes fifty-seven seconds of epic (so epic, the word needed emboldening AND italicizing) pagan black metal for you here.  Musta yö is taken from Finnish band Havukruunu’s 2015 independently released debut EP Rautaa ja Tulta. (Naturmach Productions* have since re-released it.)   It's ruthlessly raw, majestic (the fucking melodies, people.) and bold in its style. Staggeringly bold. The influence… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Havukruunu

Hex Of The Day – Hymnr

It was the shuddersome cover (by the masterful David Thiérrée) of Russian black metal band Hymnr’s debut album Far Beyond Insanity (Saturnal Records) which stopped me in my tracks as I wandered the lonely highways of YouTube. HYMNR is an entity, a formation that spawned itself. The music, the story, and the concept of HYMNR is its own… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Hymnr