Hex Of The Day – Grimm

So, I was having a fucking brilliant day until the receptionist from the doctors rang to tell me that the blood I’d given recently for checks had come back and that my full blood count was showing that my white blood cells were low. Naturally, my mood plummeted, and my health anxiety lurched from around… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Grimm

Hex Of The Day – Beyond Man

The Norwegian Black/Death project Beyond Man has had the internet on fire these past few days with their self-titled debut album. So I thought I ought to devote some time to it. I did just that this morning over at Black Metal Promotion, and fuck me, fuck me, what a BEAST of an album it turned… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Beyond Man

Hex of the Day-Martyrdöd : Hexhammaren

Haven't posted on here in a minute but as of late I really haven't found anything that has caught my attention more so I also haven't had time to really look. So to much of my surprise I found this awesome release Hexhammaren by Swedish crustpunk horde Martyrdöd that hit the spot for me today.… Continue reading Hex of the Day-Martyrdöd : Hexhammaren

A Bunch Of Hexes Hexlist

It's been a while since I've shared a Hex of the Day. I don't want it to become a regular occurrence where I'm missing several days in a row, but the past week has been manic. Also, my health hasn't been good - issues with relentless abdominal pain of which I've been unable to find… Continue reading A Bunch Of Hexes Hexlist

Hex Of The Day – Nordein

I've been dwelling on the sad reality of the UK no longer being in the EU. I believe I've mentioned this before. Sorry if I have. I'm still sore and bitter about it. I've been feeling depressed about how it's going to impact my move to Norway, the lives of other Brits with dreams of… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Nordein

Hex of the Day – The Bridge City Sinners : Song of the Siren

It's been a minute since I've posted on here. I've been on a short break from socials etc. but mostly because I needed to focus intently on other matters at hand which are stressful. However, I've realized this outlet and other creative things is the only way to drag the weight off my shoulders and… Continue reading Hex of the Day – The Bridge City Sinners : Song of the Siren

Hex Of The Day – Oh Boy Les Mecs

I'm sorry it's been a while since you've heard from me, folks. It's been a peculiar six days. A project I was working on came to an abrupt halt, leaving me feeling disoriented and sad. My dad almost choked to death. I've spent hours trying to craft bones into a crown for a photoshoot, and… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Oh Boy Les Mecs

Hex Of The Day – Mirusbella Covering Transilvanian Hunger

Today has been something of a downer, though it was cheered up somewhat when I landed upon a perfect acoustic cover of Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger. The chirruping birds in the background give it that extra something. Mirusbella, an artist from Germany, performs it. I know zilch about her but have just started following her Instagram page so… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Mirusbella Covering Transilvanian Hunger

Hex Of The Day – Windir Covers

Yesterday, I was lurking around on the Sognemetal Facebook group and someone posted a YouTube video of a fucking exquisite piano cover of Windir's Svartesmeden Og Lundamyrstrollet. Naturally, following this, I fell down a Windir shaped hole and uncovered more covers that deserve your rapt attention. I suggest you make them your soundtrack this Friday… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Windir Covers

Hex of the Day-Ehlder -Hedningadrapa

The last couple days I've been out picking up firewood, bones, plants and getting bit by ticks (twice in fact) and witnessing some truly astonishing sunlit forests among backroads. The forest trillium are blooming as are the wild violets making gentle purple waves among the deep floors of these swampy lowlands that I inhabit. Spring… Continue reading Hex of the Day-Ehlder -Hedningadrapa