Witches & Witchcraft Hexlist

I don’t have a Hex of the Day for you this Friday…I have something better…a new Hexlist! I read Witches Sluts Feminists by Kristen J Sollee earlier on*, and there was a chapter looking briefly at the witch and her position within the music realm. This got me thinking about the excellent song Voodoo Pussy by Azizza,… Continue reading Witches & Witchcraft Hexlist

Mental Health Awareness Week Hexlist

As you'll know, if you've read the About Us page, this blog is hosted by me, Katie and Meghan, and we make up the band Cave Mouth. The lyrics on several of the songs that feature on our albums Hex and The Dark Has Teeth are attempts to distil my experience with depression. As it's Mental… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week Hexlist

Guest Hexlist-Kaylee Keesler Artist and Local Resident Witch

Kaylee is a local friend that I’ve known for a handful of years now. I’ve watched her blossom into a graphic designer who focuses on the connections between witchcraft, feminism and human rights/equality. The goddess aspect is a focal point of hers as is her personal connection to her own brand of witchcraft. She however… Continue reading Guest Hexlist-Kaylee Keesler Artist and Local Resident Witch

Guest Hexlist – Phil Robinson, Curator Of Pohjoinen Pimeys

I've known Phil Robinson for a good while and have, ever since we first became friends on My Space back in the day, been in admiration of his relentlessly ominous work as a graphic designer and freelance artist within the black metal underground. He worked first off under the name Black Raven Design then Níðhöggr… Continue reading Guest Hexlist – Phil Robinson, Curator Of Pohjoinen Pimeys