Review: Existential Dread-Full Moon Bliss

Last time I made my way over to Hex to write a review it was for Vile Haint another one of Moonlight Cypress Archetypes projects that was a more black metal influenced release with again, brilliant musician Ryan Clackner. I found myself delving into Existential Dread's Full Moon Bliss this morning, while still a bit… Continue reading Review: Existential Dread-Full Moon Bliss


Album Review – Vile Haint : Ol’Hatchie Haint

What exactly is a Haint? well doing some research I have found it is an old Southern word for ghost. A more detailed description from Keith Dotson however has revealed "Haint is an old southern word for a specific type of ghost or evil spirit from the Carolina coast, but found in tales from various regions of… Continue reading Album Review – Vile Haint : Ol’Hatchie Haint

Ukonvaaja-The Hammer of Ukko

I came across this documentary while searching for something else Finnish related on YouTube and was spirited away by its magic immediately. Within the first opening sequences of the trailer the beautiful scenery combined with traditional Kantele music had me intrigued. In the trailer the narration goes on to speak powerfully about ancient Finnish animistic… Continue reading Ukonvaaja-The Hammer of Ukko