Ukonvaaja-The Hammer of Ukko

I came across this documentary while searching for something else Finnish related on YouTube and was spirited away by its magic immediately. Within the first opening sequences of the trailer the beautiful scenery combined with traditional Kantele music had me intrigued. In the trailer the narration goes on to speak powerfully about ancient Finnish animistic… Continue reading Ukonvaaja-The Hammer of Ukko

Hex Of The Day – Níundi

One of my favourite musical discoveries of 2020 was Níundi. Based in Sweden, this ritualistic dark folk/ambient project is made up of Leslie Chepstow and Henry Möller. On the band’s Bandcamp page, they say: ‘Níundi is the supercharged atmosphere found between fire and ice. And within this liminal and misty shadow of dark Norse magick, ritual and… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Níundi

Hex Of The Day – Perennial Isolation

Spanish black metal band Perennial Isolation piqued my curiosity the other day on YouTube with their fourth album Portraits, released by Non Serviam Records. Now, I’m not one to pass up on checking out an album featuring a lone house in a wintry landscape, and, as iamjetflight rightly said in the video comments, “Rule of… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Perennial Isolation

Hex of the Day – Verjnuarmu

Hello Folks, My hex of the day choice is from a band called Verjnuarmu. They are from Kuopio, Pohjois-Savo which is in Eastern Finland. The band is self described as "Savo Metal" referring to a particular dialect in their area. The band has stated that it is rare to hear the dialect sung in music… Continue reading Hex of the Day – Verjnuarmu

Hex Of The Day – Nordgeist

I have no recollection of how I arrived at Nordwinter, the split with Russian black metal band Nordgeist and Norwegian black metal band Vinterkult. Though it was likely I was drawn in by the perfectly freezing, perfectly northern atmosphere the cover art exudes. I do, remember however, that when Norgeist’s track Voron started I had… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Nordgeist

A Hex On Your Head – The Witches Are Listening

How goes it, friend? If you have landed here and haven't yet seen our About page (it's riveting, be sure to wander on over sometime!) A Hex On Your Head is hosted by Meghan Wood and Katie Metcalfe, the creatures behind the dark folk/ritualistic ambient band Cave Mouth. A Hex On Your Head is where… Continue reading A Hex On Your Head – The Witches Are Listening