A Hex On Your Head Interviews Bizarrekult

One of the greatest joys in life, in my humble opinion, is when you find an album with impactful and memorable cover art, and the music on said album is just as impactful and memorable. We all cross our fingers and hope that’ll be the case each and every time our eyes meet a new… Continue reading A Hex On Your Head Interviews Bizarrekult


Hex Of The Day – Cave Mouth

I was supposed to write about Sólstafir's song Fjara today. It's a song I've only been able to start listening to again recently, after years of not being able to go near it. The other day I decided it was time I let it take up space in my heart again (well, it never really left,… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Cave Mouth

A Hex On Your Head Interviews Beyond Man

Well, isn’t this fucking something! We got Beyond Man for you. A few weeks ago, I threw an email at Meghan with a link to Beyond Man’s debut album Beyond Man, saying, ‘YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO THIS, IT’S A BEAST!’ She agreed that it was, in fact, a beast, and I screamed at her that I was… Continue reading A Hex On Your Head Interviews Beyond Man

Hex Of The Day – Primordial

Just a quick fucking listen to this song post for you today, as my bed is screaming at me to crawl in it. I'll detail in a future post about my infatuation with Primordial, how I came across them back in 2007 and why I think Alan Averill is one of the greatest vocalists and lyricists to… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Primordial

Album Review – Vile Haint : Ol’Hatchie Haint

What exactly is a Haint? well doing some research I have found it is an old Southern word for ghost. A more detailed description from Keith Dotson however has revealed "Haint is an old southern word for a specific type of ghost or evil spirit from the Carolina coast, but found in tales from various regions of… Continue reading Album Review – Vile Haint : Ol’Hatchie Haint

Hex Of The Day – Beyond Man

The Norwegian Black/Death project Beyond Man has had the internet on fire these past few days with their self-titled debut album. So I thought I ought to devote some time to it. I did just that this morning over at Black Metal Promotion, and fuck me, fuck me, what a BEAST of an album it turned… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Beyond Man

Hex of the Day-Martyrdöd : Hexhammaren

Haven't posted on here in a minute but as of late I really haven't found anything that has caught my attention more so I also haven't had time to really look. So to much of my surprise I found this awesome release Hexhammaren by Swedish crustpunk horde Martyrdöd that hit the spot for me today.… Continue reading Hex of the Day-Martyrdöd : Hexhammaren

A Bunch Of Hexes Hexlist

It's been a while since I've shared a Hex of the Day. I don't want it to become a regular occurrence where I'm missing several days in a row, but the past week has been manic. Also, my health hasn't been good - issues with relentless abdominal pain of which I've been unable to find… Continue reading A Bunch Of Hexes Hexlist

Hex Of The Day – Mirusbella Covering Transilvanian Hunger

Today has been something of a downer, though it was cheered up somewhat when I landed upon a perfect acoustic cover of Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger. The chirruping birds in the background give it that extra something. Mirusbella, an artist from Germany, performs it. I know zilch about her but have just started following her Instagram page so… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Mirusbella Covering Transilvanian Hunger

Guest Hexlist – Phil Robinson, Curator Of Pohjoinen Pimeys

I've known Phil Robinson for a good while and have, ever since we first became friends on My Space back in the day, been in admiration of his relentlessly ominous work as a graphic designer and freelance artist within the black metal underground. He worked first off under the name Black Raven Design then Níðhöggr… Continue reading Guest Hexlist – Phil Robinson, Curator Of Pohjoinen Pimeys