A Hex On Your Head Interviews Bogwitch

I sometimes get days where I struggle to find any new music to connect with, and I think to myself the most terrifying of thoughts 'will I listen to anything good ever again?' I decided to take action on this particular day and raced over the Bandcamp, where I stabbed the word WITCH into the… Continue reading A Hex On Your Head Interviews Bogwitch


Hex Of The Day – Bogwitch

The other day, I was at a loss of what to listen to and anxious to find something unfamiliar, remarkable and beguiling. So, I typed 'Witch' into the Bandcamp search bar, confident I'd uncover something that could satisfy. Then, I tapped 'Music tagged with Witch,' and scrolled through the bands until I found something that… Continue reading Hex Of The Day – Bogwitch