Hex Of The Day – Occult

Six years ago, I interviewed an ambient folk duo from Sweden called Occult. I had an obsession with their debut demo Skogen and the track Skogen. It’s offbeat and beguiling. The vocals had a particularly profound effect on me and often came into my mind, despite having heard the track for the first time in 2014. (Listen, and you’ll get me.) And where the piano takes the song is gorgeous and unexpected. Skogen makes me shiver no matter how many times I repeat it.

I interviewed the ‘two humans from Sweden making music’ around when they were due to play the same stage as King Dude in Stockholm, what I’d have given to have been in that spellbound audience.

I don’t know what happened to Occult, though I’m planning on messaging them through YouTube (the only place I know to get hold of them) to see if the members have taken up new projects. They were doing something so different, and I hope you’ll develop a similar obsession with their music as I did.

– Katie

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