Hex Of The Day – Graveyard Train

I never even knew horror country was a thing until I encountered Graveyard Train a few years ago and became hooked on their song Ballad for Beelzebub. It’s late now, and I’m pretty fucking tired* so I’m not going to say much about this track (though it deserves to be raved about for a good few hundred words.)

I hope you’ll give it a listen. I shared it on Facebook earlier, but no one was interested, and inside my head, I was screaming, BUT IT’S SO BRILLIANT, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE AND LISTEN TO IT! Anyway, if you give it 03.59 of your life, please let me know what you think. I especially love the chorus.

But the air on stage is burning our lungs
And we’re all going deaf from the beating drums
And you can’t see a thing for all the blood
And sweat in our eyes

Yeah we played ’til we died, and now we’re all dead,
But the man says “You gotta get up there again
And you can’t come down ’til the brimstone turns to ice”

Graveyard Train (Ballad For Beelzebub

*And I want to save some energy so I can read a few chapters from Heavy: How Metal Changes The Way We See The World by Dan Franklin. Started it last night. It’s excellent.

– Katie

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