Guest Hexlist-Kaylee Keesler Artist and Local Resident Witch

Kaylee is a local friend that I’ve known for a handful of years now. I’ve watched her blossom into a graphic designer who focuses on the connections between witchcraft, feminism and human rights/equality. The goddess aspect is a focal point of hers as is her personal connection to her own brand of witchcraft. She however prefers a few specific goddesses to work with such as Persephone, Lilith, and Hekate. 

A very talented and multifaceted artist who not only brings her inspiration alive through her design but she also does this through ceramics, painting, crafting, photography and her general connection to otherworldly ideas. 

Her paintings as of late are etheric representations of spirit guides, goddesses, feminine figures, all coming from intuitive insights and feelings. She blends halos and auras of colors from her minds eye presenting stunning palettes of shades and visions of divine connections. 

With a penchant for old school Zines and collage work her own material has that particular edge about it. Linking various media and layouts to bring her ideas to the forefront in her own unique way. Her sense of identity flourishes and seems the strongest when working with this type of technique and her craft has been honed in the last year alone. 

Kaylee is creating a zine called Bitchcraft . Here is her artwork as the cover design.

Kaylee has been kind enough to let us into her world with offering her playlist.  With the likes and classics such as Stevie Knicks, Fleetwood Mac, Cocteau Twins and Type O Negative it’s easy to imagine how these tunes help shape and inspire her. 




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