Witches & Witchcraft Hexlist

I don’t have a Hex of the Day for you this Friday…I have something better…a new Hexlist! I read Witches Sluts Feminists by Kristen J Sollee earlier on*, and there was a chapter looking briefly at the witch and her position within the music realm. This got me thinking about the excellent song Voodoo Pussy by Azizza, and I went down a side road to go and find it on YouTube. Funnily enough, Azizza herself featured later on in the chapter. 

As I listened to Voodoo Pussy, followed by her other exceptional song Black Magic Woman, I thought, ‘I’m going to have to make a witchy playlist, like, now.’ I foresee that witchy Hexlists are going to keep rising up from me because, for the ten songs I’m sharing on this Hexlist, there are another fifty or so that I’ve kept squirrelled away to share anon. 

*I’ve also been reading A Spell In The Wild by Alice Tarbuck. HIGHLY recommended.

– Katie


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